Why choose SNG Grant Thornton for my traineeship?

At SNG Grant Thornton, you’re not just a trainee. You’re an individual in whom we invest our energy and time – giving you exposure to a diverse range of clients as well as our business advisory services. That’s because we believe that your three-year traineeship is not an end in itself. Rather, it’s the start of your brilliant career – be it in the accounting profession or in the business world.

What happens after I’ve qualified and my three year training contract comes to an end?

Based on your experiences with us, you’ll be in an ideal position to know if you want to stay in the profession or explore other options, including joining our advisory services team.

You may also choose to study further towards a specialist qualification, or do something completely different.

Whatever thoughts you have, talk to us before you make your final decision. We’ll support you in realising your career and personal goals.