Do I need to bring my own laptop into work?

No, we’ll give you one of ours.

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How much travelling will I do?

As a key member of our team, you will often spend days at our clients’ premises, mostly located in the same region as your office. Getting out and about, seeing different businesses and meeting different people is what makes our

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What about the cost of petrol?

Don’t worry. We’ll cover these costs, provided they are work-related.

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How will my training and experience at Grant Thornton help me pass my QE1 and QE2?

We want you to pass these exams as much as you do. Our low partner to trainee ratio gives you the benefit of dedicated, personal input and feedback. What’s more, to ensure you have the knowledge required for these exams,

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What happens after I’ve qualified and my three year training contract comes to an end?

Based on your experiences with us, you’ll be in an ideal position to know if you want to stay in the profession or explore other options, including joining our advisory services team. You may also choose to study further towards

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Does Grant Thornton offer vacation work and if so how can I apply?

Yes we do, you can apply here, just tick the box on the application form for vac work. Please remember that places are limited.

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Does Grant Thornton offer bursaries and if so how can I apply?

Yes we do. Find out more about our bursary programme or apply here. Just remember to tick the box for bursaries and we will get back to you.

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